Lafarge Zambia's Research & Development (R&D) is driven by our customers, who face today's major challenges: achieving energy efficiency, lowering cost of construction, reducing our environmental footprint, and meeting high standards of aesthetics, health, comfort, and well-being. Together with our partners and customers, our best-in-class R&D teams develop the most innovative products, solutions, and services, as well as advanced manufacturing processes. 


Improving energy efficiency of buildings

  • Our challenge: providing highly efficient insulating solutions for builders and homeowners. 
  • LafargeHolcim R&D answers:
    • Thanks to our unique knowledge of thermal and mechanical properties of concrete, we have developed a new generation of insulating concretes.
    • We are presently going further, developing new insulating materials (vegetal-based or mineral foams) or systems.

Reducing construction costs and contributing to more affordable housing

  • Our challenge: housing costs are critical for billions of people worldwide. We must offer affordable and cost-effective building solutions to our customers and end-users.
  • LafargeHolcim R&D answers:
    • We develop sustainable and environment-friendly construction solutions with innovative materials or systems.
    • For example, a new binder specifically formulated for stabilized soil bricks production was launched in the end of 2013 in Malawi, with an innovative economic model: manual press machines are lent to our customers to manufacture bricks while contractors and developers are trained to use them. 

Minimizing our environmental footprint through process innovation

  • Our challenge: reducing the CO2 emissions resulting from cement manufacturing to minimize our impact on climate change. 
  • LafargeHolcim R&D answers:
    • We leverage our R&D resources to constantly improve our manufacturing processes, by capturing and thermal energy, recycling it back into the process, and sourcing power from renewable sources. 
    • Our expertise in cement chemistry has allowed our R&D teams to design lower-carbon cements over the years. 
    • To go further, we partner with some of the world's most innovative and advanced start-ups. For instance, with Solidia, we are working on new cement and concrete technology that could reduce CO2 emissions up to 70%.


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Reseach & Innovation

Scientific researches have enabled breakthroughs in the field of building materials. Lafarge is a pioneer in this regard and has invested heavily in research and development this enables Lafarge to improve the performance of its existing products. It also allows the development of even more sophisticated products offering new possibilities for the construction industry.

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