About us


Lafarge Zambia operates 2 integrated cement plants (situated in Ndola and Lusaka) with a total production capacity of 1.4 million tonnes per annum. 

Vision & values

Lafarge Zambia aims to be the undisputed leader in building materials. Shared values -a central aspect of culture - are the foundation on which Lafarge Zambia is built on. We always strive to lead for Health and Safety as the overarching value, Focus on Customers, Ensure Sustainability and Care for our People, Openness & Inclusion.

Health and safety

Health & Safety our core value.

  • We belief in Visible Personal Commitment (VPC)  for Health and Safety at all levels in order to archive Zero Harm in our operations.
  • Living by the Health & Safety rules is a condition of employment

Focus on customers

  • Understanding who our customers, end-users and influencers, listens to them, know what drives their business and what they value
  • Creates value for our customers through innovative solutions, unique value proposals (beyond conventional business) and delivering our promises as sources of differentiation
  • Builds an organization and culture cantered on markets and customers
  • We work cooperatively with others across the organization to meet the customer's needs

Ensure Sustainability

  • Demonstrates leadership in environment stewardship and role model responsibility to future generations 
  • Proactively engages with stakeholders to create shared value with society 
  • Drives sustainable solutions through the entire value chain

Care for  People, Openness & Inclusion

  • Cares for and respects our people and empowers them to reach their full potential 
  • Builds leadership capability, inspires and enables teams and individuals to succeed 
  • Recognizes and rewards high performance and addresses under-performers 
  • Displays a local and global mind-set, being open to share and collaborate on ideas, resources and best practices 
  • Seeks out diversity and embraces different ideas, experiences and perspectives



Operating in more than 80 countries worldwide, Lafarge has developed a global footprint that is defined by innovation and trust.