Lafarge Zambia Plc is a leading building material and construction solutions company in Zambia serving the construction industry.  Our operations produce cement six innovative  Mphamvu, Powerplus Supaset, RoadCem Powercrete and WallCrete.



Products and Services

Lafarge Zambia is the leading company in building materials and construction solutions with a range of products designed to meet various construction needs.

Building, plastering, block making or road surfacing: no matter which construction job you are doing, we have just the right product for you. From SupaSet for block and brickmaking to Mphamvu, our flagship general-purpose cement, Powerplus for heavy construction, WallCrete for masonry, and RoadCem for road construction, our five cement brands are designed to be stronger, more workable and more cost-effective for any building requirement.

Following the establishment of our aggregates plant in Mapepe, we can now also offer a range of aggregate products throughout the region.