Sustainable Development


Lafarge Zambia is engaged in a constructive and enriching dialog with the architectural world. The aim is to debate the properties of materials, consider their applications and promote the use of materials which are environmentally sound.

The 2030 Plan

Building for tomorrow

The Sustainability Strategy - The 2030 Plan - sets a vision. A vision that the construction sector of tomorrow will be innovative, climate-neutral and circular in its use of resources. It will be respectful of water and nature. It will be inclusive - enhancing quality of life for all.


The 2030 Plan defines the required next steps to move in that direction. It sets quantitative targets related to Lafarge direct and indirect impacts, positive and negative, over the whole life-cycle of products and services: from the sourcing of raw materials till the end-of-life of the products, through the manufacture and use phases.


The Plan articulates the Company's efforts to improve the sustainability performance of operations and puts the focus on developing innovative and sustainable solutions for better building and infrastructure.


It goes beyond the Company's own business activities. It covers the entire construction value chain and the life-cycle of buildings.