Our priorities


Lafarge Zambia has outlined a number of sustainable development priorities that are in line with the LafargeHolcim Group's Sustainability Ambitions 2030.



  • 1/3of turnover from Solutions with enhanced Sustainability performance.

Water & Nature

  • Reduce by 30% the amount of freshwater withdrawal to produce each ton of cement.
  • Give more water than withdrawal in areas where it's scarce.
  • Ensure access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene to all employees and contractors on all operational sites.



Demonstrate a positive change for biodiversity    

Sustainable development

The World Commission on Environment and Development defines sustainable development as "development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs".


Sustainable development aims to reconcile 3 major stakes:

  • economic performance,

  • the social consequences of a company's actions (with respect to employees, suppliers, customers and the local community),

  • environmental aspects (achieving a balance between a company's activities and the preservation of ecosystems).


  • Produce 40% less net CO2 per ton of cement than achieved in 1990.
  • Help customers avoid 10 million tons of CO2 released every year from their buildings and infrastructure by using innovative solutions.

Sustainable construction

Sustainable construction aims to limit the impact of buildings on the environment while enhancing their quality in terms of aesthetics, sustainability, durability and strength. Sustainable construction techniques apply across the entire lifecycle of a building, from the selection of initial materials to demolition and recycling.


Sustainable construction signifies in particular:

  • the use of recyclable materials to conserve natural resources,

  • the integration of renewable energy sources into a building's design,

  • the optimization of renewable energy sources.

People & Communities


  • Achieve a zero fatality target.
  • Achieve a 0.2 Lost-Time Injury Frequency Rate.
  • Achieve a 0.1 occupational disease rate.



  • Achieve a minimum of 30% of gender diversity at all management levels.



  • Deploy Sustainable Procurement initiatives in all countries where LafargeHolcim operate.



  • Help 75 million people live better lives through our affordable housing solutions, inclusive business initiatives and social investments.



  • Work with others to fight bribery and corruption.




  • Use 80 million tons / year of resources made from waste in operations.
  • Multiply by 4 the volume of recycled aggregates from construction, demolition waste and reclaimed asphalt paving.

Other targets

  • Deploy an integrated certified Environmental Management System in all business lines.
  • Audits on environmental compliance and performance on all production sites once every 5 years by 2020.
  • Further reduce by 25% average emissions by 2030.
  • Implement Fugitive Dust Management Plan at all sites by 2025.
  • Have a stakeholder engagement plan in place in 100% of cement plants and 80% of aggregates & concrete sites by 2030.