Bulk Storage Silos


Bulk Cement Storage Silos for Lafarge Zambia Customers. At Lafarge  Zambia we aim to offer our customers top quality solutions for their specific needs. Which is why we continually strive to develop superior products and value-added services to satisfy these needs.

One such value-added service, is our bulk cement storage silo scheme. The silos are sophisticated environmentally friendly storage mediums, offering efficient, cost-effective storage and handling of cement. The on-site operation and installation of the silos will provide our customers with the assurance of priority and continuous delivery of cement from Lafarge.


Area of Operation

The scheme is available to selected customers in the contractor and precast segments.


The Silo


  • Has a capacity to hold up to 45 metric tonnes (MT) of bulk cement
  • Will be installed empty and will then be filled on site by Lafarge personnel at regular pre-agreed intervals
  • Will be placed in the centre of a concrete slab which must conform to the following standards: 3.5m x 3.5m x 0.3m deep at 30MPa


The Benefits of using a Silo

  • The customer has priority on allocations
  • Continuous cement availability on site
  • Cement is delivered to your site, offering logistical and handling convenience
  • No warehousing required for storage
  • Silos eliminate the cost of bag breakages on site
  • No package handling is required, saving
  • labour costs as cement is discharged from the silo
  • Environmentally friendly, as there is no need for the disposal of empty bags
  • No product contamination or soaking by moisture
  • Security of product. The silo is locked after use and can only be moved by a special vehicle.



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