We possess expertise to engage in co-design for a wide range of solutions such as soil stabilization with the use of cement and aggregates to ensure greater solidity of concrete on asphalt roads. Our Roadcem is a soil-stabilizing cementitious binder designed to improve the engineering properties of soil. It is particularly ideal in the construction of asphalt roads.

Special characteristics


Lafarge soil stabilising cement is designed to provide optimal solutions for improving the engineering properties of soil, giving the following advantages:

  • Strength - soil strength and bearing capacity is increased
  • Volume stability - controls the swell and shrinkage characteristics caused by moisture changes
  • Durability - increases resistance to erosion, weathering or traffic loading
  • Modification of clay minerals - enhances soil strength and bearing capacity



  • MC = Masonry Cement
  • 22.5 = Cement Strength
  • X = Contains no air entraining agents




Manufactured from Portland cement clinker, gypsum and other additives according to ZSEN 413-1:2011 (equivalent to EN413-1) and designed to meet commonly encountered road stabilisation requirements, RoadCem achieves superior workability without air entraining agents.


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