SupaSet Portland


SupaSet is an innovative product that is specifically geared to meet the demands for fast setting and early strength development by the block making and concrete market segments.

SupaSet is the result of careful research and development by our cement technical experts and is a specially formulated Portland Composite Cement engineered for use in all structural, building and masonry applications using recommended mix ratios. SupaSet for block making and concrete offers the market greater ease of use, whilst producing excellent results every time.


The consistent quality, fast setting and proven strength of SupaSet makes it the ideal choice for block makers, builders, architects, engineers, contractors and DIY enthusiasts. Due to its rapid setting, SupaSet offers quick turnaround on production resulting in higher productivity and better returns.


Cement formulae 

Cement = limestone + clay + calcination + grinding


Extraction of materials

+The raw materials used for the manufacture of cement, essentially limestone (80%) and clay, are extracted.




Production of the “raw feed” to obtain the ideal proportioning of materials.
Crushing reduces the materials to tiny fragments of 25 to 40 mm, which are then ground into a fine grey powder (<200 microns), and the powder obtained is stored in silos.



The feed is heated to produce clinker, the raw material for cement. Heated in the kiln at a temperature of up to 2,500°C, the material increases in temperature to roughly 1,500°C.


After burning the clinker is brought down to handling temperature. Several production methods exist; currently, the most widely employed is the dry process.



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